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Magical items come in any combination of five types and three rarities. The types are magical, legendary, mythical, relic and artifact, and depend on the age of the monster they drop from. The rarities are common, uncommon and rare, and these drop 89%, 10% and 1% of the time respectively (regardless of type).

A common magical item will have 1-2 bonuses. Each type beyond magical will increase the number of bonuses by 1, and each rarity beyond common increases the number of bonuses by 2. Thus a rare artifact will have 9-10 bonuses.

The actual bonuses will be randomly generated depending on the item, and to a lesser extent the material and type. Some bonuses can be applied multiple times, others only once. Some items (e.g. fangs) may only allow a single bonus.

The radiation is calculated by adding up the bonus costs (every bonus has its own cost). Each power beyond the first reduces the radiation by 5%, up to a maximum of 25%, and each power beyond that reduces the radiation by 2%. Each type beyond magical reduces the radiation by 2% and each rarity beyond common reduces the radiation by 5%. The mud then randomly applies an extra modifier between -5% and +5%. The total radiation cannot be below 50% of the base.

Radiation Discount Ranges

Common Uncommon Rare
Magical-5% to 10%10% to 25%25% to 40%
Legendary2% to 17%17% to 32%32% to 44%
Mythical9% to 24%24% to 39%36% to 48%
Relic16% to 31%31% to 43%40% to 50%
Artifact23% to 38%35% to 47%44% to 50%
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