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Your Attack rating for each location is calculated as follows:

1Add together the stat modifiers and subtract any weapon penalties.
2Add any modifiers for the weapon table and bonuses for the weapon itself.
3Add any modifiers for magical items you're wearing.
4Add Combat to your appropriate weapon skill, then apply as a percentage.
5Apply your two-handed percentages modifier, if any.
6Apply your style percentage, if any.
7Add any modifiers for spell affects.
8Apply any pain modifiers as a percenage.

Your percentage chance to hit is calculated by multiplying your Attack rating by 100, then dividing it by your Attack plus your opponent's Defence. Note that there is always at least a 5% chance to hit, and a 5% chance to miss.

In your score, your attack for each location is colour-coded to indicate its current attack strength, representing what defence strength is needed to counter it:

Default colourDefence needed to counter the attack
Cyana shield or dodges
Bluepaired weapons
Pinknormal weapons

Non-attacks are indicated by a '-'. In addition, etheral attacks can only be stopped by a shield or dodges, or by an etheral defence.

See also: assist combat critical damage defence kill penalties speed

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