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Damage represents the raw physical power of your character, and is calculated in several steps for each body location as follows:

  1. Add together the stat modifiers and subtract any weapon penalties.
  2. Add any modifiers for the weapon table and bonuses for the weapon itself.
  3. Add any modifiers for magical items you're wearing.
  4. Apply the percentage modifier if using a two-handed weapon.
  5. Add any modifiers for spell affects.

The maximum damage you can inflict is then calculated by multiplying your Damage by a percentage value based on the difference between your Core Damage and your opponent's Resistance. Note that percentage modifiers for fighting styles are ONLY applied to Core Damage.

The actual amount of damage you inflict will depend upon how well you hit your opponent, weighed increasingly in your favour the higher above 50% your chance to hit is. With a 50% chance to hit you'll do an average of 25.7% damage per blow (treating misses as 0% damage). This goes up to 31.82% at 55%, 38.75% at 60%, 45.38% at 65%, 51.79% at 70%, 58.00% at 75%, 64.06% at 80%, 70.00% at 85%, 75.83% at 90% and 81.58% damage at 95% chance to hit.

In your score, your damage for each location is colour-coded to indicate its bypass bonus:

cyan20% of your weapon skill
blue10% of your weapon skill
purple5% of your weapon skill
redno bypass bonus

See also: assist attack combat critical defence resistance

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