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Your character has three defence ratings - one for your left hand, one for your right hand, and one for your feet - and these are calculated as follows:

1Add together the stat modifiers and subtract any weapon penalties.
2Add any modifiers for the weapon table and bonuses for the weapon itself.
3Add any modifiers for magical items you're wearing.
4Add Combat to your appropriate weapon skill, then apply as a percentage.
5Apply your two-handed percentages modifier, if any.
6Apply your style percentage, if any.
7Add any modifiers for spell affects.
8Apply any pain modifiers as a percenage.

Whenever you are struck in combat, the mud will use your best available location to try and prevent the blow from landing.

Each location takes a period of time (called cooldown) to recover before it can be used for another defence. While it is recovering, your second best defence will be used - and then your third best. If all of your locations are still recovering then you will have a Defence of 1.

In your score your current best available defensive location is marked between '>' and '<'. No markers means you have no defence. Each location is also colour coded to indicate its defence strength, as follows:

Default colourAttacks which can be defended against
Cyanall attacks
Bluepaired melee attacks
Pinknormal melee attacks
Redunarmed attacks

Non-defensive techniques are indicated by a '-'. In addition, etheral defences are only able to stop ethereal attacks.

Please note that any defensive technique bonuses from your feet combat table are applied to all locations, but are doubled for your feet location. Your total encumbrance is also subtracted from your feet Defence.

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