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Your encumbrance rating represents how much you are wearing, and affects you as follows, colour-coded the same as the encumbrance stat in your score:

Encumbrance Encumbrance level Speed modifier Feet combat table Colour
Less than or equal to your BrawnUnencumbered+5Access to all feet techniquesCYAN
More than your BrawnLight+3Lose access to acrobatic techniquesBLUE
More than two times your BrawnMediumNo modifierLose access to run and most kick techniquesMAGENTA
More than three times your BrawnHeavy-5 (or half, whichever is better)Can no longer jog, kick, or jumpRED

Your encumbrance is also subtracted from your Defence rating for your feet, and affects how quickly your locations can recover from preventing an attack. Note that Encumbrance 25+ means you're always at least lightly encumbered, and 50+ means you're always at least at medium encumbrance, regardless of Brawn.


  • You only need 25 Brawn to get the minimum encumbrance level for the amount of encumbrance you are wearing.
  • The Armour Proficiency talent partially negates one level of encumbrance penalties.
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