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Magical items provide a source of power - but like all things magical, their power comes from the same primal energy that makes the Supernaturalis what they are. This results in an incompatibility, referred to as radiation, which represents how much external magical power the Supernaturalis is able to bend to his or her will.

In game terms, each character may wear as much radiation as their Age times 10, and it is not possible to exceed this maximum - attempting to wear further equipment is like trying to press together two opposing magnets.

Radiation cost

Radiation is either intrinsic in dropped or crafted items, or derived from powers such as Enchantment or Infernal Forging. Each type of magical bonus has a base cost, a summary of which appears below. The base costs are used in generating the radiation of dropped/crafted items, with a somewhat random discount (see items).

The Enchantment power also generates this level of radiation for each item bonus granted by it, though it does not apply a radiation discount. For this reason, dropped/crafted items are usually more efficient than Enchanted items.

Discount, and therefore efficiency, increases with better item types (from Magical up to Artifact) and better rarity (from Common up to Rare).

Base costs

Generic items

Bonus Radiation Bonus Radiation
Attack 5 Ascendancy 4
Defence 5 Protection 4
Damage 10 Power 8
Resistance 8 Speed 12
Health 1 Mana 2
Any primary stat1) 40Durability 1

Weapons-only bonuses

Bonus Radiation
Attack 3
Defence 3
Damage 6
Speed 10

Other bonuses (these cannot be granted by the Enchantment power)

Bonus Radiation Item(s)
+1% balance2) 1Belts, sashes, boots, shoes, sandals, wing-spikes
+1% physical armour to all locations 10Bracers, battle bracers, crowns, scorpion fangs
+0.01 health per second3) 1Collars, crowns
+1 bypass with a damage type 8
+1% soak on one location against one damage type 1Armour
+1 auto-absorb against a damage type 2Armour
-1 AP to feet commands and flat -1 sec cooldown10Boots
1) Brawn, Grace, Mettle, Wits, Tenacity, Discipline, and Aura. Size cannot be granted from magical items.
2) Chance of automatically recovering from knockdown
3) Previously +1% health regeneration
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