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You have five core skills. Core skills increase with use, although the higher they get the slower they increase. You can use boosts to raise them faster, but they must still be used in order to raise them. The highest a skill can get to is 100, or your Age, whichever is higher.

Combat represents your general fighting ability. It goes up as you fight, and is added to all of your weapon skills when calculating their bonuses.

Athletics represents your physical fitness. It is applied to your health as a percentage and also increases your movement speed.

Riding represents your skill at riding mounts. While mounted this skill works like a weapon skill for your feet, and like Athletics for movement speed.

Meditate works in the same way as Combat, but is applied to magic colours. It also counts as a percentage modifier to your mana.

Lore is not yet implemented, and cannot yet be raised or used for anything.

Other skills

Other than the five core skills, several other abilities also improve with use: your skill with the five colours of magic, with the ten categories of weapons, and the 25 fighting styles.

Type “score more” to see all of your current skill levels.

Improving skills

Skills start with zero, though some are raised at character creation. All skills improve through use - each time a skill is used, it has a chance of improving. The MUD makes a roll with a percentage chance of success, and if the roll succeeds, the skill is raised by one point. The percentage chance is a virtual certainty at low skill levels, and gets progressively harder as the skill improves.

Some skills, such as weapons and styles, improve passively when they are used in defence. Others, such as the magic colours, are only used (and improved) actively (e.g. casting spells).

To speed up your skill improvement, you can use three main approaches:

  • Boosts. When a skill improvement roll fails, the MUD will spend an active boost and improve the skill by a point. This can be turned off by typing “config boost primal”, which will reserve your boosts to only earn more primal.
  • Auto-advance points. Each kill awards one auto-advance point, which is used to force a skill to improve when its improvement roll fails. Completing each Realm task awards one hundred bonus auto-advance points.
  • Botting. Getting your client software to automatically send the right commands to use a skill repeatedly is a way of raising skills without “grinding”. Note that this is frowned upon by some members of the player community.
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