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Blade of Darkness

Power category Vampire
Required powers Path of Shadows 10+ and Shadow Crafting 10+

This power allows you to conjure a darkblade - a shimmering blade forged from elemental shadow. You can create the blade via the conjure command, and each rank in this power gives it +2 Attack, +2 Defence, +2 Damage and +1 physical bypass. Each rank in Shadow Crafting grants it an additional +1 physical bypass.

The weapon can also be transformed into an ethereal blade of writhing shadow which causes cold damage, and can shoot beams of cold energy at your opponents.

If you also have House DarkBlade, then each rank in Blade of Darkness gives you a +10% chance of a frost burst on a critical hit, and +2 burst bypass. Each rank also gives +1 cold bypass, which aids both ethereal form and burst attack.

At rank 20, your darkblade inflicts dual cold damage in physical form and dual mental damage in ethereal form. It also gains +1 mental bypass per rank.

The darkblade will vanish if removed, but can be resummoned at any time.

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