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Bladed Tail

Power category Demon
Required powers Demon Form 10+ or Warbeast 10+
Banned powers Spiked Tail and Venomous Tail

This power gives your Demon Form a long, flexible tail ending in a curved blade of serrated bone. You can use this tail with the 'ts' (tail strike) and 'tw' (tail whirl) commands.

The striking tail attack inflicts stab damage, and if the blow connects it will automatically perform a fire burst attack. Each rank in this power grants +3 Attack, +2 Damage and +1 bypass to both the stab and the burst attack.

If you also have Burn, your Bladed Tail gains an additional +1 heat bypass per rank. If you use warps to change your Bladed Tail to cold or shock bursts, you will gain the same benefit if you instead have Freeze or Shock respectively.

If you whirl your tail before striking, you will inflict cut damage instead of stab, and sever one of your opponent's hands on a critical hit. Other than that, it works exactly like the striking tail attack described above.

If you have a Warbeast, it will also have this tail while you're riding it.

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