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Blood Legacy

Power category Vampire
Required powers None

This power allows you to draw upon the legacy of your supernatural blood. All vampires posses fangs, but this power allows your jaw to open far further than normal, while strengthening your fangs to give a powerful bite attack. Each rank in this power gives +2 Attack, +2 Damage and +1 bypass to your bite attack technique (visible in the head combat table), and allows you to recover between 1 and your rank points of mana (rank+5 if you have Dark Lineage). The amount of mana you recover is doubled on a critical hit. Bat Form bite is unaffected.

You may also use the 'legacy' command to focus on one of the following:

Puissance Gain +10 Damage per rank.
Swiftness Gain +10 Attack, +10 Defence and +1 movement rate per rank.
Fortitude Gain +15 Resistance per rank.
Mesmerise Your opponent is unable to change their target to another creature.

You may only use one of the above bonuses at a time, and the duration is 15 seconds per rank (except for Mesmerise, which lasts 5 seconds per rank). After using Blood Legacy, you must wait 30 seconds before you can use it again.

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