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Chameleonic Gift

Power category Dragon
Required powers Draconian Form 5+

This power enhances your shapeshifting powers and strengthens your draconian body. While in Draconian Form, each rank in this power provides you with a +1 bonus to Attack, Ascendancy, Defence, Protection, Damage, Power and Resistance.

This power determines the bonuses of your talons, legs and tail infusions. If you do not specify an infusion, your talons will give all hand-based attacks +1 cut, stab or crush bypass per rank if you have Great Cleave, Great Pierce or Great Smash respectively, while your legs and tail will provide no bonuses.

This power also enhances your scales, hide and pattern infusions, adding its rank to that of Draconian Form for the purposes of these three locations.

While wearing heavy armour made from specific valuable metals, you will also receive additional bonuses. You can view these bonuses by typing gift.

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