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Chill of the Tundra

Power category Dragon

This power allows you to draw upon the primordial power of the tundra. You gain +5% cold immunity and +10% cold armour at rank 1, +4% and +8% at rank 2, +3% and +6% at rank 3, +2% and +4% at rank 4, and +1% and +2% for every rank after 4. You also gain +1 cold bypass and +1 auto-absorb per rank.

While raging, each rank in this power will give +10 Defence, +10 Protection and +1 cold bypass, although this cannot exceed your rank in Draconic Rage.

If you also have White Dragon Descendant, the above bonuses are all doubled, and you get an additional +2 Attack/Ascendancy and +2 Damage/Power to both your physical and magical frost breath attacks while in Dragon Form.

At rank 10, this power unlocks the Cold Wave spell sigil, with more powerful versions available at rank 20, 30 and 40.


  • The scaled armour bonuses means the first few ranks give the most benefits. Having just 4 ranks in this power gives you +14% cold immunity and +28% cold soak.
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