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Cloak of Shadows

Power category Vampire
Required powers None

This power allows you to draw the shadows around you, concealing you from sight and helping to deflect incoming attacks. Each rank in this power increases the strength of your invisibility by 1, and provides +10 Defence and +1% armour vs physical damage. The cloak lasts for 10 seconds per rank, starting the first time you get struck, but may not be initiated while you have a fight timer.

In addition, Cloak of Shadows will help conceal the death aura of your kills, with each rank reducing the range at which your kills can be sensed by 25 feet for full information and 75 feet for partial - effectively, a shield against those who use Ears of the Bat, Feral Senses or Imp Servant.

To activate your Cloak of Shadows, type 'cloak'.

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