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Conjure Soulblade

Power category Mage
Required powers Mind Magic 10+

This power allows you to conjure a soulblade - a glowing blade of energy forged from your immortal soul and shaped by the power of your mind. You can create the blade via the conjure command, and each rank you have in this power will grant it +2 Attack, +2 Defence, +2 Damage and +2 bypass.

If you have 10+ ranks in Earth Magic, then each rank you have in the Elemental Binding power gives your soulblade a 5% chance of a sonic burst on a critical hit, and +1 bypass for the burst attack (the burst inflicts crush damage).

If you have 10+ ranks in Fire Magic, you can transform your soulblade into a blade of roaring flames, while 10+ ranks in Water Magic allows you to transform your soulblade into a blade of shimmering frost and 10+ ranks in Air Magic lets you transform it into a blade of animated lightning. If your soulblade has a burst attack then it will be converted to do the same damage type as the blade.

While it is in an elemental form, your soulblade gains +1 bypass for each rank you have in the appropriate magic type. You also gain +1 bypass per rank in this power, to both hands, for the appropriate elemental damage type.

At rank 20, you may conjure two soulblades simultaneously.

The soulblade will vanish if removed, but can be resummoned at any time.

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