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Cosmic Branding

Power category Titan
Power spheres Binding and Burst

You have learned how to brand symbols of cosmic power into your equipment, using the 'brand' command. Doing this on an item that is already branded will increase or decrease the branding strength to your current rank, or strip the branding entirely if it is already the same strength as your current rank.

Each item may only contain one of the following branding types:

Sun Heat burst/bypass for weapons. +2 heat soak for armour.
Moon Cold burst/bypass for weapons. +2 cold soak for armour.
Earth Crush burst/bypass for weapons. +1 physical soak for armour.
Sky Shock burst/bypass for weapons. +2 shock soak for armour.
Chaos Energy burst/bypass for weapons. +1 energy soak for armour.

The 'burst/bypass' is a +5% chance of causing an burst attack on a critical hit and +1 bypass for the burst, with Chaos inflicting a random energy burst each time it hits. Armour also gains an absorb bonus equal to half its soak.

Each point of Cosmic Branding exceeding your rank counts as 10 radiation.

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