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Draconian Breath

Power category Dragon
Required powers Draconian Form 10+

This power strengthens your breath attack in Draconian Form, with each rank giving it an additional +50 range, +2 bypass, +2 Attack and +2 Damage.

At rank 10, you can breathe on your weapons, infusing them with the ability to perform burst attacks on critical hits. The infusion lasts 1 second per rank, or until successfully used. If you are using a two-handed weapon, the duration will be doubled, otherwise each hand has its own separate duration and burst.

At rank 20, when you breathe on your weapons they will remain infused until the full duration has elapsed, regardless of how often they are successfully used.

Note that fire and lightning breath can only infuse claws or metal weapons, while poison burst is only activated on a cut or stab attack.

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