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Draconic Aura

Power category Dragon
Requirements None

This power strengthens your spiritual connection with the world, enhancing your senses. This awareness can also be projected outwards as an external aura.

Your ability to detect the invisible increases by +1 per rank, and you gain the ability to sense power surges at ranges of 500 feet, +10 feet per rank, +5 feet per daily kill of the individual. You can also sense the approximate direction (but not distance) of kills made at up to three times that range.

Use the aura command to specify what you are currently projecting:

Awareness The ranked range is now +25 feet per rank. May also type sense.
Terror Attackers suffer -1% Attack/Core Damage per rank (half if raging).
Anti-Magic Attackers all suffer -1% Ascendancy and Core Power per rank.

Note that the above aura penalties are applied after all other modifiers.

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