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Draconic Glyphs

Power category Dragon
Required powers Human Form 5+

This power allows you to mark yourself with draconic glyphs of power, drawing upon the potency of your dragon blood while in human form. You may have up to five separate glyphs at any one time: one on your forehead, one on your chest, one on your stomach and one on each forearm.

You steal glyph knowledge by defeating the various inhabitants of the dragon realm, accessible while riding your Dragon Mount. Use the 'glyph' command to add new glyphs, as well as to list those you know and those you are currently using. Each glyph has its own help file, although you can only view the help files for those you already know. When the description of a glyph refer to your 'rank', it means your rank in Draconic Glyphs. If you have no ranks in this power you can still wear your glyphs, but they will provide no bonuses.

Each glyph has different bonuses, depending on where it is placed. You may place the same type of glyph on multiple locations, or different types of glyph on different locations, as you see fit. If you place a new glyph over an old one, the previous glyph will fade away and vanish.

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