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Draconic Rage

Power category Dragon
Banned powers Draconic Fear

This power allows the dragon to focus its mighty rage, improving its prowess in combat. While utilising this power, you gain +5 Attack, +5 Defence, +5 Damage, +1 Speed and +1% Health per rank. You also gain additional bonuses from Chill of the Tundra, Eye of the Storm, Fires of the Volcano, Fumes of the Pit and Winds of the Mind, as described in each of their respective entries. Your Draconic Rage lasts 30 seconds, and negates all pain penalties while active.

Unfortunately this power will also leave the dragon slightly weakened for a while afterwards. For 30 seconds after the rage has finished, you will suffer a penalty of -10 to your Attack, Defence and Damage, and -5 to your Speed.

If you also have the Berserker Rage talent, then the bonuses from that will be applied at the same time as your Draconic Rage, although this power will be used to determine the duration. If you have the Tireless Rage talent, then it will also negate the exhaustion penalties for this power.

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