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Dragon Barding

Power category Dragon
Required powers Dragon Form 5+
Banned powers Treasure Hoard

While most dragons scorn armour in favour of their natural hide and scales, a handful have embraced the concept. These modern-thinking dragons no longer collect and guard treasure, but instead wear it in the form of magical barding.

This power allows you to wear up to five pieces of armour; a champron on your head and face, a criniere on your neck, a peytral on your chest, flanchards on your back and flanks, and a croupiere on your rump. You may also wear a pair of wing-spikes and two pairs of dragonspurs, for a total of eight items. You gain additional bonuses depending on the materials of the items, as follows:

Gold Gives +1 Damage and Power per item, per rank.
Silver Gives +2 Attack and Ascendancy per item, per rank.
Copper Gives +1 Speed per item, per rank.
Bronze Gives +2 Defence and Protection per item, per rank.
Brass Gives +5 Health and Mana per item, per rank.
Platinum Gives +2 Resistance per item, per rank.

You can view your bonuses by typing 'barding'. Note that you may also choose to wear a saddle and bridle, although these do not give the above bonuses.

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