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Dragon Mount

Power category Dragon
Required powers Human Form 5+

This power allows you to summon a mighty dragon, and force it to serve you as a humble mount, with your rank representing your skill at handling it and bending it to your will. Each rank grants +2 to bypass, Attack and Defence, and +1 to Damage, applied to your feet techniques while riding a dragon in the same way as weapon bonuses are applied to hands. These bonuses are doubled if you also have the Dragon Rider talent.

Initially you can only summon drakes, via the 'hs' (head summon) technique, in the same way as the Dragon Rider talent. However at rank 10 you get access to the 'summon' command, which calls a full dragon to serve you as a mount. This dragon gets upgraded at ranks 20, 30, 40 and 50. If you have the Dragon Rider talent, you get the 'summon' command and the upgrades 5 ranks earlier.

In addition, the range of the dragon's breath attack is increased by an extra 10 feet per rank. This means that the higher your rank, the more accurate and damaging your dragon's attacks will be, and the better you'll be at leaning out of the way of incoming attacks.

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