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Dragonbone Forging

Power category Dragon
Required powers Human Form 5+

This power allows you to reforge dragonbone items, strengthening them with your draconic energy. You can use this power on both magical and non-magical items, although the results will vary depending on what type of dragon the dragonbone comes from; green dragon bones give no extra benefit, while red dragons give heat bonuses, white give cold, blue give shock and black give poison bonuses.

Reforged weapons gain +1 bypass per rank, and +5% chance per rank of causing a bone-specific burst attack on a critical hit, with +1 burst bypass per rank.

Reforged armour gains +1% physical and +1% bone-specific soak per rank, as well as +1 physical auto-absorb per 2 ranks.

Reforged rings give you +1 physical bypass per two ranks and +1 bone-specific bypass per rank to all attacks with all locations (including mount, if any).

You may reforge a dragonbone item at any time, specifying how much taint you wish it to have, up to a maximum equal to twice your rank in this power. If you use items with a taint higher than your rank, each point of difference counts as 25 points of radiation. You also may remove the taint entirely.

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