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Earth Elemental

Power category Mage
Required powers Earth Magic 5+

This power allows you to summon an earth elemental. The elemental has 5 in each stat, plus 1 Mettle and Size for each rank you have in this power. Each rank after (but not including) 5 grants +2 Mettle and Size, and +1 to all other stats. Your earth elemental also gets Earthborn Adept, and as many ranks in Earth Magic and Elemental Infusion as you have in this power.

In addition, as you gain ranks in Earth Elemental, all of your elementals (not just earth) will gain access to certain talents:

Rank Talent
5 Toughness
10 Iron Fists
15 Smash
20 Great Smash

Finally, your first 5 ranks in this power each give +5% health to all of your elementals, added to that given by any of your other elemental powers, but applied separately from Endurance. Thus with 5 ranks in each of the four elemental powers, all of your elementals would have their health doubled.

Your elementals can be controlled like regular pets.

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