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Elemental Binding

Power category Mage
Required powers Enchantment 5+ and Elemental Infusion 5+

This power lets you bind elementals into weapons and armour. Only one type of elemental can exist in an item at one time, and you may only bind elementals if you have at least 10 ranks in the associated Magic power (eg Air Magic for air elementals). You may later raise, lower, or even remove the binding entirely.

If you bind the elemental into armour, each rank gives +2 soak and +1 absorb vs heat (fire), shock (air) or cold (water), or half that for physical (earth).

If you bind the elemental into a weapon, each rank gives +5% chance of doing a burst attack on a critical hit, as well as +1 bypass for that burst attack.

While in an elemental form, every 10 ranks in the bound elemental will improve the ease of use of worn equipment, but you will be unable to wear equipment bound with other elemental types. If you use equipment with a more powerful elemental than your power, each rank of difference counts as 10 radiation.

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