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Power category Mage

This power allows you to magically adjust equipment, stripping away existing bonuses and adding new ones. You may add bonuses to an item with the enchant command, with each bonus increasing the Enchantment value of the item by the specified amount. You can also use the unenchant command to remove bonuses from an item, as long as you have not already added Enchantment points to it (in other words, once you enchant an item, you immediately lose the option to ever again unenchant it). Each removed bonus increases the Unenchantment value and reduces the radiation of the item by the specified amount, although the Unenchantment value can never exceed the remaining radiation.

Note that unenchant also has a reroll option. This increase the Unenchantment value of the item by 50, and randomly rerolls its bonuses.

The most Enchantment and Unenchantment you can place in a single item is 50 per rank. Equally, you can wear 50 points of each of Enchantment and Unenchantment per rank, divided among any number of worn items, without penalty. Each point beyond that will be treated as if it were a point of radiation.

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