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Power category Mage
Required powers Mind Magic 20+
Banned powers Ascension, Immanence and Transcendence

You have attained true enlightenment, and are able to unlock your primordial mental state via the 'enlightenment' command, which has five options:

Bonuses (per rank)
Focus +20 Attack and +10 Damage
Wisdom +20 Ascendancy and +10 Power
Acumen +20 Defence and +20 Protection
Haste +4 Speed and +2 movement rate
Resolve +15 Resistance and +1% health

If you have Burn, Freeze or Shock, you also gain +1 heat/cold/shock bypass per rank for your hands, increased to +2 per rank for Great Burn, Great Freeze or Great Shock.

You may change the option at will for the duration of your enlightenment, which is 30 seconds, plus 3 seconds per rank. Each rank in Mind Magic will increase the duration by an additional 2 seconds, and also increase your speed cap by 1.

Enlightenment is affected by fear as if it were a rage power, with Mind Magic replacing Extended Rage for the purposes of resisting the fear. Berserker Rage and Tireless Rage do not provide any bonuses, as this is not actually a rage.

After using this power, you will be at -10 Defence, -10 Protection and -5 Speed for 30 seconds. Mind Over Matter negates these penalties, and Iron Will lowers the duration to 20 seconds. These two talents each increase the duration of your enlightenment by 10 seconds, give +2 speed cap, and +5 to resist fear.


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