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Fang Forging

Power category Werewolf
Banned powers Lunar Forging

This power allows you to craft fang necklaces and bracelets, each of which can hold up to 100 points of radiation for each rank you have in Fang Forging. To rip a fang from a corpse, target it and perform a rip attack with your claw. To insert a fang into a necklace, wield both then use the fang.

Every 100 radiation in a necklace gives it 1 point of spiritual energy, which grants +2 Aura per point while in human form up to a maximum equal to your rank in this power (eg, +10 Aura with 10 ranks, if the necklace has 500+ radiation).

Your fang necklace also gives +1% natural armour vs mental and poison damage per rank, regardless of your form or the radiation of your fang necklace. In wolfman form, you also gain +1% natural armour vs physical damage per rank.

Your fang bracelets don't gain the Aura or armour bonuses, but if you also have the Spirit Binding power they can be given physical or elemental bypass.

The 'forge' command creates fang necklaces and bracelets, and may also be used to enhance existing weapons and armour made from bone, leather or animal skin.


  • Consider investing one rank in this power to get the ripfang technique so you can start collecting fangs, even if you don't actually want to forge anything.
  • You can wear both a fang necklace and a collar in human and wolfman form, but only one of the two in Wolf Form.

Mobs and Fang Drops

Bonus Monsters
Brawn giants, dire bears, dire wolves, minotaurs, cerberus
Grace dire lions, dire tigers, dire wolves, goblins, cerberus
Mettle giants, dire bears, dire crocodiles, minotaurs
Wits cyclopes, dire lions, dire tigers, goblins
Tenacity cyclopes, naga
Discipline sharks
Attack harpies
Defence harpies
Damage trolls
Ascendancy blue dragons
Protection all dragons
Power red dragons
Resistance trolls
Speed white dragons
Health all creatures
Mana all dragons
Hand cut bypass ettins
Hand stab bypass ettins
Hand crush bypass ettins
Hand heat bypass fire giants
Hand cold bypass frost giants
Hand shock bypass storm giants
Hand mental bypass cloud giants
Physical armour scorpions
Heat armour red dragons
Cold armour white dragons
Shock armour blue dragons
Poison armour black dragons
Biting sharks
Unarmed bypass dire apes
Unarmed att/dam dire apes
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