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Greater Bear Spirit

Power category Werewolf
Required powers Lesser Totem Spirit 10+ and Talons of the Bear 5+
Banned powers Greater Crow Spirit, Greater Fox Spirit and Greater Shark Spirit

This power indicates that you have allied yourself with a greater bear spirit. Your natural talons gain +1 Attack, +1 Damage and +1 bypass for each rank you have in this power. Equally, while in wolfman or wolf form, your pelt becomes thicker and tougher, granting +1% natural armour per rank vs physical damage.

At rank 10, the bear spirit turns your pain into aggression. While raging, you gain bonuses to Attack and Defence equal to the pain penalty you would normally suffer, meaning that the more hurt you are the more dangerous you become (you gain +0%, +10%, +25% or +50% Attack/Defence).

At rank 20, your aggression is increased even further. The above pain bonuses are doubled, giving +0%, +20%, +50% or +100% Attack/Defence while raging.

Note that you may still call the aid of a Lesser Totem Spirit as usual.

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