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Greater Crow Spirit

Power category Werewolf
Required powers Lesser Totem Spirit 10+ and Ride the Storm 5+
Banned powers Greater Bear Spirit, Greater Fox Spirit and Greater Shark Spirit

This power indicates that you have allied yourself with a greater crow spirit, which strengthens your magical abilities and unlocks additional spells. If you don't already have access to the 'magic' command, this power grants it.

At rank 1 you get the Icebolt spell. At rank 5 you get Shockblade. At rank 10 you get Summon Crows. At rank 15 you get Windblast. At rank 20 you get Spirit Armour if you also have Spirit Wolfkin. At rank 25 you get Death Ward.

If you also have the Psionics talent, then each rank in Greater Crow Spirit will give you +2% armour and +1 bypass per rank vs mental damage. It will also grant you +1% mental immunity per rank, up to a maximum of +20% at rank 20.

Note that you may still call the aid of a Lesser Totem Spirit as usual.


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