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Greater Fox Spirit

Power category Werewolf
Required powers Lesser Totem Spirit 10+ and Feral Senses 5+
Banned powers Greater Bear Spirit, Greater Crow Spirit and Greater Shark Spirit

This power indicates that you have allied yourself with a greater fox spirit. You gain +5 feet Defence, +1 movement rate and +1 Speed per rank, although the Speed bonus cannot exceed your rank in Feral Senses.

If you have Assassin Training, your rank in this power adds to the invisibility level of your stealth, and the duration increases by 10 seconds per rank.

At rank 10, you land running after a pounce, unless you're targetting someone.

At rank 20, you are able to use your Protection against physical burst attacks instead of having a Defence of 1. The burst will still always hit, but it will do less average damage and have a lower chance of causing a critical hit.

At rank 30, if you have Desert Wolfkin, Arctic Wolfkin, Spirit Wolfkin or Swamp Wolfkin, you can use your Protection against heat, cold, shock or poison bursts respectively. If you have Psychic Wall or Mental Barrier, you are also able to use your Protection against mental bursts.

Note that you may still call the aid of a Lesser Totem Spirit as usual.


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