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Greater Shark Spirit

Power category Werewolf
Required powers Lesser Totem Spirit 10+ and Feral Senses 5+
Banned powers Greater Bear Spirit, Greater Crow Spirit and Greater Fox Spirit

This power indicates that you have allied yourself with a greater shark spirit. Your bite attack gains +2 Attack, +2 Damage and +2 bypass for each rank you have in this power, and the amount of food you can digest also increases by 10% per rank. If you also have the Powerful Metabolism talent, then this bypass is increased by an additional +1 per rank.

In addition, you no longer suffer any penalties for eating, digesting, or being stuffed, and never get sick from consuming bad food. When you eat the flesh of a living creature you also recover an additional +1 health per rank in each of Lesser Totem Spirit and Greater Shark Spirit.

Finally, when you use the Feral Senses 'scent' command, you are able to smell people by an additional 1 foot distance for each point of damage they've taken.

At rank 10, your bite attack performs an internal cut burst when it achieves a critical hit, as long as no other bite burst attack has been performed (for example if your bite has a 50% chance of performing a poison burst, then the cut burst will only be performed if the poison burst fails to activate).

At rank 20, your bite only has to inflict damage to perform the burst attack.

Note that you may still call the aid of a Lesser Totem Spirit as usual.


  • The +1 health per rank for bite is added before the 2x healing multiplier from Powerful Metabolism.
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