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Power category Mage
Required powers Form of Air 20+, Form of Earth 20+, Form of Fire 20+ or Form of Water 20+
Banned powers Ascension, Enlightenment and Transcendence

You have learned to strengthen your elemental form, drawing upon and combining the power of all four elements. Whichever elemental form you use, you gain all the ranked bonuses of all four elemental form powers, except for immunities.

The natural immunity also spills over between your forms. Your first 20 ranks in Form of Fire each give +1% heat immunity, while Form of Water does the same for cold, Form of Air for shock and Form of Earth for mental immunity.

If your rank in Immanence is lower than the appropriate elemental form power, then your rank in Immanence will be used to determine the relevant bonuses.

At rank 5, you no longer suffer penalties while shapechanging. At rank 10, you gain the ability to shift directly between forms, rather than having to change back to human form first. At rank 15 you are able to shapechange in 4 seconds rather than 5, while at rank 20 you can shapechange in only 3 seconds.

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