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Imp Servant

Power category Demon
Requirements None

This power allows you to summon an imp servant, who will assist you in combat by shooting bolts of hellfire at your enemies. Your imp's skills and styles improve in the same way as a PC, and if killed it may be resummoned back at your home plane without any loss of progress. Your imp will follow simple verbal commands such as 'kill' and 'heal' (see pets).

In addition, you may also order your imp to perch on your shoulder (you can do this by typing 'say to imp perch'). While on your shoulder the imp will inform you whenever it senses a death or power surge (the latter of which is caused by someone shifting into the Nexus), calculated in the same way as Feral Senses. Furthermore, you may also use the 'i?' command to control your imp while it is perched, and the 'warp' command to change the type of imp you summon.

Each rank you have in this power will give your imp +1 to each of Grace, Wits, Tenacity, Discipline and Aura (see primary stats). Your imp also has a number of ranks in Feral Senses equal to your rating in this power.

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