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Infernal Forging

Power category Demon
Requirements None

This power allows you to reforge metal weapons and armour within the fiery pits of hell, imbuing them with unholy strength and energy. Non-magical items are transformed into non-magical demonsteel, while magical armour becomes tainted, transforming into true demonic steel; black, grey, purple, red and brass, for magical, legendary, mythical, relics and artifacts respectively.

If the item you forge is a full helm, breastplate, codpiece, bracers, greaves, gauntlets, boots or wing-spikes, it will receive bonuses specific to that item type. Other types of armour have their soak and auto-absorb bonus increased, or gain physical soak if they have no existing magical soak bonus. Demonic weapons gain a bypass bonus (although, like armour, only if they are magical).

You may reforge the item at any time - its power will be brought in line with your current rank. If you wear an item with a taint higher than your rank in this power, each point of difference will count as 10 radiation.

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