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Power category Demon
Required powers Pathway to Hell 10+

This power allows you to use your body as a conduit for the infernal fires of hell, which you expel outwards in a powerful explosion. This is treated as an area-affect attack which inflicts heat damage. Each rank in this power gives your Inferno technique +10 range, +2 Ascendancy and +2 Power, and increases the mana cost by 1. When enhanced, each point of mana spent is converted into a +5 bonus to both Ascendancy and Power, added in the same way as weapon bonuses.

This power is normally available as a head technique ('hc', 'hm'). If you are dead or unconscious, you instead gain access to the 'inferno' command, which requires at least 1 point of mana, and uses as much mana as possible (up to a maximum of 10 mana per rank) to create a super-enhanced Inferno attack against everyone around you. If you also have Soul Devourer, this can allow you to bring yourself back to life before your corpse is banished back to your home plane. If you have Channelling, the mana will give double its normal bonuses.

You may use the 'warp' command to change the damage type of your Inferno. This power gives +1 bypass per rank for all attacks you make of the same damage type as your Inferno (i.e., heat bypass by default), including the Inferno itself.

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