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Lesser Totem Spirit

Power category Werewolf

This power allows you to call upon the aid of various lesser totem spirits. To activate the power, type totem <spirit>, where the spirit is one of:

Spirit Bonus (per rank) Duration Notes
Owl +5000 feet range1)NACan't be called with a fight timer
Badger +5 Ascendancy, Protection and Power15 seconds per rankCan be dismissed with totem off
Boar +5 Damage, +1% health and +1% armour vs all damageLasts the duration of your rageCan only call this spirit while in a rage
Can't be dismissed
Antelope +5 Attack, +5 Defence and +1 running speed30 seconds per rankCan be dismissed with totem off

You must wait 30 seconds between calling spirits (except for the owl spirit).


  • One rank in this power gives you a 5000 feet travel (totem owl), which is useful for finding map nodes.
  • You can call the owl spirit even if you have another spirit active.
  • It's useful to have 100% balance from equipment or a cave lion shin tattoo when using the owl spirit as it drops you from a height at your target destination instead of landing you gently.
1) Calls an owl spirit to carry you to your target destination, similar to the head travel tech with wings.
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