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Living Nightmare

Power category Demon
Required powers Protean Nemesis 20+ and Road of Seven Sins 20+

This power allows you to inspire fear in your nemesis, becoming their worst nightmare. This is a head-based mental attack which fills the victim with fear if it causes damage, unless their rank in their Rage power exceeds your rank in Living Nightmare. Note that Berserker Rage and Tireless Rage each increase the effective Rage rank of the victim by 5 for the purposes of resisting the fear.

The fear gives -5 Attack and Defence per rank, and lasts 10 seconds, +2 seconds per rank. The victim will be unable to activate any rage powers, and suffers -2% and -1% spell armour per rank for one physical and one energy damage type respectively, based on your Protean Nemesis bypass type at the time of activing this power. Note that the spell armour layer cannot be reduced below 0% soak.

If someone is already in a Rage when struck by this power, they also add their Extended Rage to their effective Rage rank for resisting the fear effect of your Living Nightmare. If you still beat them, their rage is stripped away.

You also get a +2% and +1% bonus per rank to your physical and energy protean armour (although this cannot exceed your rank in Protean Nemesis), and the fear attack gets a natural bypass bonus at rank 10, upgraded at ranks 20 and 30.

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