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Lord of the Lands

Power category Dragon
Required powers Dragon Form 5+
Banned powers Lord of the Seas and Lord of the Skies

Not all dragons are capable of flight. This power indicates that you are one of the wingless dragons, primarily hunting your prey on foot. Your movement rate increases by +1 per rank when walking and +2 per rank when loping. You are also able to tunnel through rock and soil, and even dive when in water, with each rank in this power increasing the range of such travel by 5000 feet.

Instead of being able to launch yourself into the air, you gain the ability to leap great distances and hurtle into your opponents. This leap attack gets +2 bypass, +2 Attack and +1 Damage per rank. You are able to leap up to 200 feet at a time, +100 feet for every 10 ranks. At rank 5 you will land moving at walking speed, while at rank 10 you will land moving at loping speed.

The earthbound dragons are sturdier and more powerfully built than their winged brethren. Each point of Speed over your Speed Cap is converted into 1 point of Core Damage, Core Power and Resistance, instead of the usual 1 point of Attack, Defence, Ascendancy and Protection.

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