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Lord of the Seas

Power category Dragon
Required powers Dragon Form 5+
Banned powers Lord of the Lands and Lord of the Skies

You are one of the wingless dragons that make their homes within large bodies of water. The aquatic dragons are more agile than their winged brethren, and don't suffer from Dragon Form's automatic light encumbrance classification.

You may also levitate yourself up into the air and remain airborn. Every 10 seconds you spend in the air will increase your Flight Exhaustion by 1, up to a maximum of 10 after 100 seconds, while every 10 seconds spent on the ground will decrease it by 1. Your Flight Exhaustion is applied as a penalty to your Speed Cap, although every rank in this power will reduce that penalty by 1 (so that you no longer suffer any penalty at rank 10).

While swimming, your movement rate is increased by +2 per rank, and you ignore water currents. While airborn, your movement rate is increased by +1 per rank.

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