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Lunar Forging

Power category Werewolf
Required powers Moon Weaving 10+
Banned powers Fang Forging

This power allows you to weave strands of moonlight into metal weapons and armour, transforming them into an extremely light and strong material called moonsilver. You can use this power on both magical and non-magical items.

If you use this power on a weapon, it will gain +1 Moon Taint and +1 bypass per rank. The type of bypass depends on the weapon and any existing bonuses.

If you use this power on armour, it will gain +1 Moon Taint, and +1% physical or energy soak (or +2% to a specific soak type) as well as half the soak value as auto-absorb, per rank. If the armour already has magical soak, that soak type will be used, otherwise it will gain physical soak. Each piece of heavy armour you forge also gains +5 Health per point of taint.

You may reforge moonsilver items at any time, specifying how much taint you wish them to have, up to a maximum equal to twice your rank in this power. If you use items with a taint higher than your rank, each point of difference counts as 10 points of radiation. The taint cannot be completely removed.


  • Moonsilver items have 0 encumbrance, so you can have a heavy armour build and retain access to acrobatic feet techniques.
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