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Mind Magic

Power category Vampire and Mage
Required powers None

This power grants you access to a range of mental spells. Each rank gives you +10 range, +2 Ascendancy and +1 Power to each mental spell, and also increases the duration, strength and stat bonuses of mental spell affects.

A single rank in this power will give you Forcefield, Mind Blast, Invisibility, Detect Invisibility and Regenerate. At rank 5 you learn Mind Whip (with bypass upgraded at ranks 15 and 25). At rank 10 you learn Mindshield and Boil Blood. At rank 15 (or rank 10 if you also have Psionics) you learn Regrowth. At rank 20 you learn Psychic Lance.

If you also have the Psionics talent, then each rank in Mind Magic will give you +2% armour and +1 bypass per rank vs mental damage. It will also grant you +1% mental immunity per rank, up to a maximum of +20% at rank 20.

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