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Moon Weaving

Power category Werewolf

This power allows you to weave moonlight into cloth, wool, cotton and silk, transforming it into a light and resilient material called 'moonweave'. You may apply various different bonuses, but at least half must be armour.

Each such item begins with a base of 10 moonweave points, although this will go up as you add bonuses. You may wear up to 100 total points of moonweave per rank without penalty, but each extra point is treated as a point of radiation.

You may use the 'weave' command to transform an item into moonweave, or to view which bonuses you can add to an existing moonweave item. The cost of adding a armour varies based on the number of locations the item covers. Other bonuses have a fixed cost, although not all items can have all bonuses applied to them.

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