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Path of Shadows

Power category Vampire
Required powers None

This power allows you to travel back and forth between the shadow plane and the material plane via the path command. It takes 30 seconds to shift between planes, and engaging in combat will disrupt your attempt.

Because of your close association with the shadow plane, you gain +1% immunity, +2% armour and +1 auto-absorb per rank against cold damage. In addition, you gain +1 bypass per rank for all cold-based attacks you make.

If you also have the House ShadowSworn talent, the above bonuses are doubled, and each rank in this power will also give you +10 range, +2 Ascendancy and +1 Power to each of the spells granted by House ShadowSworn, as well as increase their duration and stat bonuses by the equivilent of 5 ranks.

If you have access to magic, this power will give you the Shadowbolt and Summon Shadow spells. At rank 8 you also get Resist Energy (cold). At rank 10 you get Shadow Flux and a second Shadowbolt. At rank 15 you get Black Lightning. At rank 20 you get Foul Rot. At rank 25 you get Tenebrous Chains.

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