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Road Of Seven Sins

Power category Demon
Requirements None

This power allows you to draw upon the strength of sins to benefit yourself and hinder your opponents. Type 'sin <name>' to activate, where the sin is one of:

Lust Your opponent is unable to change their target to another creature.
Gluttony Health bonus from eating, faster regeneration while stomach is full.
Greed Rank% chance of monsters you kill dropping a 2nd piece of equipment.
Sloth Reduces your target's movement rate and Speed by 1 each per rank.
Wrath Gain +5 Attack and Damage per rank, and counts as a form of Rage.
Envy Gain +2 Attack and Defence per rank, plus opponent's age difference.
Pride Gain +5 bonus to Ascendancy, Protection and Power per rank.

Lust and Sloth are non-physical attacks using Ascendancy vs Protection, lasting 5 seconds per rank if successful. Wrath has the same duration as your rage, or 30 seconds if you are not raging. The other sins all last 15 seconds per rank.

You must be targetting a creature in order to use Lust, Sloth or Envy. After performing a sin, you require 30 seconds of penance before you can sin again.

If you also have the Living Nightmare power, each rank increases the duration of your sins by 5 seconds, and every 5 ranks reduce the penance by 1 second.

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