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Salamander's Gift

Power category Dragon
Required powers Draconian Form 5+ or Dragon Form 5+

All Supernaturalis are capable of healing far more rapidly than a mortal, but some possess the ability to regenerate at a truly phenomenal speed. Each rank in this power allows you to heal an additional 0.5hp per second when healing at full speed (see healing).

This power also unlocks the regenerate head command, if you didn't already have it, and at rank 5 allows you to use the enhanced version by typing 'hr+'. At rank 10 you gain access to a use command on severed hands, which allows you to reattach them while holding them. At rank 15 you gain a regrow command on your stumps, which allows you to regrow new hands. At rank 20 the cost of regrowing a new hand goes down by 50AP, and the delay is reduced by 1 second.

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