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Self Control

Power category Werewolf

Every werewolf is able to transform into wolfman form. In this form you gain 10% immunity to all forms of damage, and your movement rate is increased by 2 when walking and 5 when jogging or running. Your default hands locations will be set to the claws combat table, and your head and feet will be changed to wolfman-specific combat tables. Type 'wolfman' to assume wolfman form.

This power represents your ability to control your shapechanging gifts further, with each rank granting +2 Protection, +1 Resistance and +1 Damage while in wolfman or wolf form. In addition, while in wolf form you gain +1 Attack, +1 Defence and +1 bypass per rank. While in wolfman form, you gain +1% natural armour per rank vs all damage, and +1 Size for every 10 full ranks.

At rank 5, you no longer suffer penalties while shapechanging. At rank 10, you gain the ability to shift directly between forms, rather than having to change back to human form first. At rank 15 you are able to shapechange in 4 seconds rather than 5, while at rank 20 you can shapechange in only 3 seconds.


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