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Shadow Crafting

Power category Vampire
Required powers Path of Shadows 5+

This power allows you to infuse your equipment with raw elemental shadow. The item must be made from an organic material, and the conversion will transform it into a new pseudo-elemental material called 'shadowcloth' or 'shadowsteel', depending on whether the original material was flexible or rigid. This process also adds 10 points of Shadow Taint to the item.

You also may infuse your shadow items with further bonuses, although each such bonus increases the Shadow Taint of the item. To list the bonuses you can add, along with their appropriate cost in Shadow Taint, type craft.

You may wear up to 100 points of Shadow Taint per rank, although every point in any one item which exceeds 10 times your rank will also give you a point of radiation. For example 10 ranks in Shadow Crafting would let you wear 10 items each with 100 Shadow Taint, and you'd suffer no radiation penalties - but with 5 items each with 200 Shadow Taint, you'd suffer 500 points of radiation, and 1 item with 1000 Shadow Taint would give you 900 points of radiation.

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