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Shadow Infusion

Power category Vampire
Required powers Path of Shadows 10+
Banned powers Mist Form

This power allows you to draw upon your connection with the shadow plane in order to become invulnerable for a short period of time. Physical blows will pass straight through you, while elemental and poison attacks will simply be ignored; the only type of damage able to harm you is mental.

To activate this power, type 'shadow'. The invulnerability lasts 1 second for each rank you have in this power, starting from the moment you are successfully struck by a non-mental attack. You won't be able to activate this power again until you have been killed, or have restored yourself while on your home plane.

At rank 20, you gain the ability to re-pause your invulnerability timer by once again typing 'shadow'. This also reduces the remaining duration by 5 seconds.

At rank 30, you passively gain the benefits of Shadow Infusion as long as your fight timer is not active. Your fight timer will still become active after you have been struck. This does not effect your invulnerability timer in any way.

In addition, you also get +1 cold bypass per rank. This passive bonus applies at all times, reflecting your stronger connection to the shadow plane.

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