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Power category Vampire
Required powers Bat Form 20+, Wolf Form 20+ or Mist Form 20+

This power enhances your shapechanging powers, making your alternate forms stronger, tougher and deadlier than normal. While shapechanged, each rank in this power gives +1 Attack, Defence, Damage, Ascendancy, Protection, Power and Resistance, as well as +1 bypass for all natural attacks and +5 Health (applied at the same time as your primary stats).

At rank 5, you no longer suffer penalties while shapechanging. At rank 10, you gain the ability to shift directly between forms, rather than having to change back to human form first. At rank 15 you are able to shapechange in 4 seconds rather than 5, while at rank 20 you can shapechange in only 3 seconds.

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