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Spiked Tail

Power category Demon
Required powers Demon Form 10+ or Warbeast 10+
Banned powers Bladed Tail and Venomous Tail

This power causes you to grow a long spiked tail while in Demon Form, allowing you to make deadly attacks via the 'ts' (tail swing) command. Each rank in this power grants +2 Attack, Damage and bypass to the tail attack, and if the blow connects it will automatically perform a sonic burst attack. If the tail attack achieves a critical success, your opponent will be knocked backwards.

Note that the tail attack causes dual crush/stab damage, while the sonic burst causes dual crush/mental damage. Dual damage means that each time you hit, the most effective damage type will be used, depending on your opponent.

If you have a Warbeast, it will also have this tail while you're riding it.

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